Stylish Art Deco Solid Silver Cruet Set London 1936 Goldsmiths & Silversmiths

Nov 29, 2019 |

This stylish, Art Deco, solid silver, three-piece cruet set; consisting of a salt, mustard with blue glass liner and a pepper; is of faceted, octagonal form and is without a monogram or crest. Apart from the usual fine surface marks and two small dings to the foot of the salt pot (not unsightly and all … read more

STYLISH ANTIQUE Silver CRUET SET Birmingham 1922 Henry Matthews- Cased -10oz

Feb 24, 2016 |

Fine Silver from 18. Superb antique Silver Cruet Set. Quality set which consists of a two Salts, two Pepperettes and Mustard pot, each of which with a cut-away border and paneled body. Comes complete with a mustard spoon, two salt spoons and blue glass liners to the Salts andMustard Pot. Supplied in the original fitted … read more